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Meet the Donkeys!

We foster donkeys for Equine Rescue Network based out of our hometown of Boxford Mass. It's a win-win situation for everyone. We get to keep the coyotes somewhat under control and Janine gets to use our "foster barn". The donkey's each have their own personality and it is so much fun getting to know them. My daughter, Lizzie, especially loves to help take care of and socialize them.

If you have never met a donkey, you must come visit. They are like big dogs that just want some lovin'. Truly therapy right in my back yard.

Skipper (his story is next) and Jasper (aka Forrest) with Lizzie in our barn. Their first week.

Skipper and Jasper - Jasper not really sure about a human on his back.

My wonderful husband, Peter, trying to finish the chicken run before a big snow and Jasper was 'helping' oversee the project.

Janine talked me into helping 7 donkeys to be gelded by vet students.... they all did great, the donkeys and the students. It was a very cooooold day. These are some of the patients.

Edward on the left and Bella on the right - the answer is yes for those of you who have read Twilight. Lizzie is hand feeding them grain with a frying pan because they are unhandled from the killpen and are afraid of us still. This is a great way Janine has taught us to socialize them.

Bella and Edward

I'm pretty sure Peter loves the donkeys as much as I do. This is Cricket. He was such a social love bug.

Lizzie with Bella. Bella is the biggest donkey we have had, so we had to order a bigger blanket for her before the polar vortex descended upon us.

Bella getting close to Lizzie for the first time.

The donkeys are well socialized with all of the other animals.

Skipper LOVES to take selfies, especially with his biggest fan, Erica.

Dash (with his bling) and Skipper.

Beautiful Bella

Lizzie loving on Skipper.

Nora and Charlie.

Dash and Skipper getting some Vitamin D.

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